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Since 2010 Hunter Shelters has been a continuous improvement project. Our first phase one models can be found in Haiti.

  • Began with Basic Shelters for Haiti
  • A larger westernized version currently in use in US
  • Re-designed structures now available for emergency medical treatment and decontamination
  • Ideal for off-grid locations due to strength and durability of materials used
  • Most power requirements, from basic lighting, to most medical equipment can be met with the
    addition of The Star Solar Powered Generator.
    Hunter Shelters is pleased announce the current Press Release in conjunction with our
    strategic partners below:
    Hunter Shelters Ocyober 2014 Press Release


    Following a successful pilot of the Hunter Shelter and the STAR Solar Power Generator for Superstorm Sandy relief, both the Modular Hunter Shelter and STAR Solar Power Generator is now being evaluated for use in the battle against Ebola in West Africa 

    Deer Park, NY, Monday 20 October 2014 - After serving as temporary home for Superstorm Sandy Gulf War Veteran Bruce Babbington and his two children thanks to a United Way $15,000 Grant, the Hunter Shelter On-Demand System and the STAR  Solar Power Generator is now being evaluated for use in Africa in the fight against Ebola. 

    The Hunter Shelter, now installed on the site of the United Way LI in Deer Park as demonstration and research center for sustainable On-demand shelters, is being reconfigured by Hunter and DSA in collaboration with Stony Brook University’s Contagious Disease Center.  Several configurations have been developed for remote medical clinics, containment and treatment centers and cold chain storage facilities for critical serums and vaccines and will be powered by the STAR Solar Power Generator.   

    The STAR Solar Power System has also been used to provide critical back-up power to people at home during power outages and whose lives depend upon Home Life Support Equipment such as ventilators.   

    Key to the Hunter Shelter is its portability and sustainable advantage.   The Hunter Shelter, which was originally designed and deployed in Haiti for post earthquake relief, is constructed with structurally insulated panels (SIP) filled with 1.5 inches of two pound density closed cell foam (the same material used in refrigerators and coolers). The panels are coated with 30 mills of polyuria, making the inside and outside of the shelter easily sanitized using the harshest of chemicals and antibacterial products including bleach and steam.  The typical shelter can be erected in less than three (3) hours and shipped as a flat pack.    

    The combination of the STAR Solar Power Generator with its onboard water disinfecting system along with the Hunter Shelter is a complete standardized package providing electrical power, clean water and shelter to meet the critical energy and infrastructure needs of the Ebola eradication efforts in off-grid, rural areas of West Africa.





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