Current Building Uses and Configurations

Highly customizable, Hunter Shelters can be used for just about any reason. Currently they are used as temporary housing here
in the US and schools and other buildings in Haiti.

Further uses might include fishing cabins, hunting cabins and vacation homes. If you can conceive it, we can build it, let your
imagination run.


Minimum Requirements For
Ebola Treatment & Decontamination Center

Housing Solutions

Hunter Shelters
Doctor / Exam Facility
House - 1 Bedroom

Hunter Shelters
5 Bed Hospital and Decontamination Facility
For Treatment of Light Symptom Patients

Hunter Shelters Holding / Observation Building
House - 2 Bedroom

Combination ICU and Decontamination Unit
For The Critically Ill Patients
House - 3 Bedroom

Hunter Shelters Holding / Observation Building
Holding/Observation Facility
For Those in Contact with Critically Ill Patients

Hunter Shelters
Office with Cold Storage

For Drug, Blood and Tissue Sample Storage





See the Hunter Shelters Display Build at the United Way.


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Hunter Shelters are ideal for hunting and fishing cabins on...